Get Inspired With These 50 Travel Journal Prompts

Travel Journal Writing Prompts

Struggling with ideas for your Travel Diary? Try these travel journal prompts to get you inspired and create amazing memories from your adventures and destinations!


There are so many reasons you should try writing a travel journal for your next vacation. Keeping a travel journal is a fantastic way to prepare for a trip, help you stay organized during a holiday and to keep those amazing travel memories alive long after your adventure has finished. 

Trying to come up with ideas on what to write about can be hard work though…especially if you are tired after a day of sightseeing! It can also be hard to know where to start as you have often seen and done so much in a day of travel!

Create a travel journal you are going to treasure for many years to come with the travel prompts below. They will help you capture all the sights, feelings and experiences you have that make your trip worth remembering.  


Travel Journal Prompts


Travel Diary Prompts


So, what do you write in a travel journal?

It’s normal to feel a little stuck with writing. Usually just starting is the hardest part and once you begin writing you will find the ideas flow easily.

Using journal prompts like the ones below is a great way to get stop the writing block. 

If you use your travel diary to help plan your adventure then it’s a great idea to get into the habit of journaling before you leave. 

Travel Prompts For Before The Trip

  • What are your expectations of this destination or experience?
  • What is on your destination bucket list? And why do you want to see or experience these things? 
  • What part of this trip have you enjoyed planning for the most?
  • Have there been any pre-trip disasters? 
  • Why did you choose this adventure or destination?
  • Are you worried about anything?
  • What advice have you read or been given about your destination?
  • What are you most excited about? ( it could be food to try or a tour you have booked).
  • What has been your favorite vacation/adventure ever? 
  • What souvenir do you want to bring home?
  • What do you want to learn on this adventure?
  • How have you saved up for this trip?
  • What are some interesting facts you have researched about your destination?

To really make the most of travel journaling it is a good idea to create a habit. Maybe get up half an hour early to write about your day before, or make sure you leave some time at the end of the day to journal. Try to journal every day as it is amazing how quickly you can forget all those small details.  Try the below journal prompts to inspire you while you are traveling. 

Journal Prompts While Traveling

  • What was the first thing you noticed/felt when you reached your destination
  • What was the most amazing thing you did today?
  • What was the worst thing that happened today?
  • Did you try something new?
  • What made you smile, laugh, cry?
  • What did you eat?
  • What people did you meet today?
  • Did something go wrong today? ( Travel disasters can sometimes end up as funny stories later on)
  • What are clear things you remember feeling, seeing, touching, smelling or hearing? Evoking senses is a fantastic way to bring back memories when you reread your travel journal.
  • What are you missing about home?
  • What cultural experiences have you had today?
  • How did you feel waking up in a new place?
  • Describe the place you are in detail ( add smells, tastes, sounds, and feelings as well as what you see)
  • Write down some interesting facts or history about your destination
  • What makes this place similar or very different from where you are from?
  • Did something put you outside of your comfort zone? Why? How did you feel?
  • What is happening in the news at your destination? Are you seeing/feeling/being affected by this while you travel?
  • How did an experience, person or site make you feel today?
  • What music are you listening too?
  • What books/magazines are you reading?
  • Did you learn any new words or phrases today? How did you learn them? Where did you use them?

Writing in your travel journal at the end of your adventure is the perfect way to reflect. You could journal on the flight home, or wait until you are already home and unpacking to see what your lasting memories and emotions are about a vacation. Below are some holiday journal prompts to help. 

Post Vacation Writing Prompts

  • Would you visit again? Or change something in your itinerary if you could go back?
  • Did you learn anything?
  • How would you describe what you did and saw to a friend or someone that was thinking of traveling to the same destination?
  • What was your favorite…. ( could add food, tour, place to visit, experience, person you met.)
  • Recall something funny that happened on your trip.
  • What were the highlights of your adventure?
  • What were some low points of your trip?
  • How did your trip differ/live up to your expectations?
  • Did your adventure change you or help you grow in any way?
  • Where do you want to go next? Why?
  • What souvenir did you bring home?
  • What item did you wish you had packed? Or things you realized you didn’t need to pack!
  • What is one thing you didn’t get to do but wish you had?
  • What is one thing you did do but wish you hadn’t?
  • Is there a new food, or tradition from the trip that you are going to bring into your everyday life?
  • How did you feel coming home from your adventure?


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Travel with MerakiRemember, when you are wondering what to record in a travel journal to not just stick with the facts ( I went here, it was hot today). Add lots of descriptions using all your senses! As well as what you saw, you want to remember the smells, textures, and sounds of a destination. Be sure to also write how all these things made you FEEL!


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