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ISOCARP @ COP27 Planning for Climate Action


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Feb 16, 2024
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Planning for Climate Action

The International Society for City and Regional Planners has long been at the forefront of the calls for a paradigm shift in urban planning thinking for a just society and for the wellbeing of people and the planet.

Our values are captured once again in the Declaration of this year’s World Planning Congress: Congress Declaration on Urbanism and Planning for the Well-Being of Citizens.

On the occasion of COP27, “the Implementation COP”, we as an organisation commit to a Seven Point Plan for the Planet:

  1. Put Planning for Climate Action at the foundation of all our knowledge sharing activities and Congresses.
  2. Mobilize our large network of practitioners, policymakers and academics to promote innovative adaptation and transition, impactful urban and regional plans and climate action in planning programmes and projects.
  3. Use our network of members to lobby for the recognition of the rights of nature in planning practice.
  4. Continue working with our international partners such as UN-Habitat and networks of cities to accelerate the transition towards low carbon urban communities and the attainment of SDGs through action-oriented planning.
  5. Increase proactive participation and influence in UNFCCC activities as an established Observer NGO for urban planning in all future COPs, with a focus on climate change adaptation, emergency recovery and loss and damage mitigation.
  6. Create a Knowledge Repository of Integrated Planning for Climate Action ready for all to use and disseminate thinking and best practice.
  7. Use our members’ network of practitioners, policymakers and academics to expand Planning for Climate Action in teaching and training of young planning professionals, and to develop appropriate capacity building in cities and regions.




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